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Health & Diet

We like to feed your cat on a diet, which is the same, or is as close as possible, to the one they are used to at home. We keep a range and variety of the main branded tinned and foil sachet products such as Whiskers and Felix as well as the dried complete foods, such as Hills Science Plan, Go-Cat and Whiskers Complete. Feeding is twice daily, am and pm, or more frequently for kittens and cats with special needs.It is important to inform the cattery of any health problems your cat may have had, or is likely to have, In case your cat is taken ill during it's board. Should your cat be taken ill and needs to see a vet, we will endeavour to contact you or your nominated emergency contact before seeing a vet. If this is not possible we will take your cat to our nominated veterinary practice with whom we have a very close and supportive working relationship.